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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Honour Roll of Guysborough County, Nova Scotia

NB: This post has been substantially revised. Select the November 10, 2017 post to view the updated list.

My mid-month blog entry usually provides background information for the veteran profiled at month's end.  This post breaks that pattern, as I wish to provide an update on my research into the stories of Guysborough County's World War I veterans.

Earlier this month, I completed preliminary research on over 980 names, most of which were compiled by Diane Tibert (Lantz, NS) and Kelly Kaiser (Sherbrooke, NS).  Drawing mainly on information from web sources and supplemented by several publications, I attempted first of all to verify that the listed individuals had indeed served in some capacity during the war.  Two Library and Archives Canada online databases - 'Soldiers of the First World War' and 'Royal Canadian Navy Ledger Sheets (1910-1941)' - provided the main sources, supplemented by Veteran Affairs Canada's 'Canadian Virtual War Memorial (CVWM)'.

I have made two on-site visits to Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa, where I photographed the military records of soldiers who enlisted for overseas service.  On my last visit, I copied the records of the first 150 veterans on the list.  These documents, combined with the war diaries for the units with which they served (all available online), provide sufficient information to outline each soldier's military experience.  I intend to return to LAC before year's end - the plans for that visit are outlined further along in this post.

The 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses - all available online - provided background information on the individuals' families, while the Government of Nova Scotia's 'Historical Vital Statistics' site contained birth, marriage and death information on a significant number of individuals and their parents.  Needless to say, the data collected on many individuals is far from complete.  It is my intention to continue the research at the community level, connecting where possible with individuals familiar with local genealogy in an effort to produce as complete a final product as possible on each veteran.

The final outcome to date is a database more than 2.4 Mb in size, from which I can 'pull' information on individuals or groups of veterans.  This month's post presents the first such product - an 'honour roll' of individuals who lost their lives while in service, either during or shortly after the war.  While they share a common and tragic fate, each life story is unique.  As I pondered where to start with this somewhat overwhelming task, I have decided to begin with their stories. 

On my next visit to LAC, I will copy the service records of more than 100 Guysborough veterans who lost their lives in service to their country during 'The Great War'.   I plan to complete research on this group of veterans over the next year and produce a volume outlining their stories by late 2014 or early 2015.  Subsequently, I will work on the remaining veterans' stories as we mark the centennials of the war's events.  I have yet to decide on the final product's format, but I am leaning toward a series of community-based profiles (i.e., Mulgrave and vicinity; Guysborough town and vicinity; Canso and vicinity; etc.) as preferable to an alphabetical compilation.

So this month's post presents a list of individuals who were killed in action, died of wounds, or died while serving in the armed forces, based on my research to date.  Each person on the list has a connection to Guysborough County.  The vast majority were natives, while others were living in the county at the time of enlistment.  The list is far from definitive - no doubt, there are errors and omissions. 

That is part of my purpose in posting this list at this time.  Should you find an error, know of an individual whose name should be included, or have information on any of these veterans, please contact me.  The list is organized alphabetically simply for convenience - it does not reflect my plans for the final product's organization.  That shall remain a secret for now!

Honour Roll of Guysborough County*

*: Last Revision May 2, 2017. Please contact me by e-mail, should you notice any errors in information.  Special thanks to W. James 'Jim' MacDonald, Baddeck, NS, who meticulously checked the names on my initial list against his records and identified twenty-four names not included in the initial post (September 17, 2013).

Archibald, Leonard Shirley: born at Sonora on October 3, 18995, son of William A. and Susan (Hartliss) Archibald.

Armsworthy, Buckley Andrew: born at Halfway Cove on May 10, 1896, son of Truman and Elizabeth Abigail (Cox) Armsworthy, Canso.

Ash, Rollie: born at Guysborough on September 6, 1894, son of James and Esther Ash, Antigonish, NS.

Avery, Joseph Edward: born at Larry's River in October 1887, son of Alexander John and Elizabeth (Deslauriers) Avery, Cambridge, Mass..

Barss, Charles Abner: born at New Harbour on April 11, 1897, son of David and Mary C. (Horton) Barss.

Barss, Harold Edwin: born at Canso on July 20, 1885, son of Isaac and Lucy (Embree) Barss.

Barss, Harrington John: born at Canso on February 10, 1889, son of John Alexander and Sadie A. (Morris) Barss.

Beals, Philip Sydney: born at Billtown, Kings Co., NS on July 4, 1889, son of Rev. Frank and Annie Beals (Rev. Beals was ministering to a Canso Baptist congregation in 1899).

Bezanson, Lewis Boyer: born at Goldboro on March 4, 1897, son of Obediah and Charity H. (Giffin) Bezanson.

Boyd, James Tennant: born at Glenelg on May 13, 1891, son of Rev. Andrew and Margaret Arabella (Stewart) Boyd, Port Arthur, Ontario.

Breen, James Irvine: born at Spanish Ship Bay on December 10, 1891, son of William Henry and Mary Jane (Spears) Breen.

Breen, Samuel Gordon: born at Spanish Ship Bay on September 10, 1895, son of William Henry and Mary Jane (Spears) Breen.

Burns, Louis John: born at Sonora on June 25, 1898, son of John Penney and Helen (Cass) Burns.

Burns, Robert: born at Salmon River Lake on May 13, 1891, son of Robert and Ellen (Long) Burns.

Callahan, Alexander: born at Manchester on February 20, 1894, son of Burton J. and Susan Maria (Whitman) Callahan.

Cameron, Alexander Hugh: born at Caledonia on February 18, 1891, son of Daniel Angus and Margaret A. Cameron.

Cameron, James Alexander: born at East River St. Mary's on January 1, 1897, son of Angus C. and Christina (Fraser) Cameron.

Cameron, John Angus: born at Caledonia on December 8, 1899, son of Daniel Angus and Margaret A. Cameron.

Cameron, William Robert Gideon: born on January 18, 1891 at Guysborough Intervale, son of Alex and Janet C. (Polson) Cameron.

Carrigan, William H.: born at Sand Point on September 8, 1887, son of William and Rachel Carrigan, Milford.

Clooney, James William: born at Sherbrooke on November 8, 1889, son of William H. And Elizabeth Ann 'Bessie' (Bennett) Clooney.

Connolly, Edward Lewis: born at Milford Haven Bridge on June 20, 1891, son of Patrick and Margaret (Cudahee) Connolly.

Crooks, James Roland: born at Ecum Secum on May 23, 1893, son of Thomas R. and Sarah (Smith) Crooks.

David, Neil: born at Port Felix on June 6, 1896, son of William Henry and Bridget (Bellefontaine) David.

Davidson, Truman Bishop: born at Godboro on August 3, 1885, son of Robert G. and Marcella M. 'Mercy' (Langley) Davidson, Stellarton, Pictou County.

DeCoste, William Eustace: born at Mulgrave on September 25, 1897, son of Edward and Carolina (Carrigan) DeCoste.

Dickson, John Rood: born at Sonora on December 7, 1891, son of John and Druscilla (Hewitt) Dickson.

Dort, David Luke: born at Cole Harbour on August 12, 1897, son of William P. and Margaret M. Dort.

Dort, George Louis: born at Peas Brook on November 25, 1898, son of George L. and Martha Jane (George) Dort.

Dort, Leo Harold: born at Cole Harbour on June 11, 1896, son of David H. and Lilla Dort.

Dort, Thomas Leo: born at Canso on August 6, 1893, son of James A. and Bridget Dort.

Earle, Vernon: born at Heart's Content, Newfoundland on June 20, 1885, son of Edmund Page and Louise (Clark) Earle, Canso.

Feltmate, Percy: born at Hazel Hill on September 20, 1893, adopted son of Adam and Mary Ann Alice (Rhynold) Feltmate.

Ferguson, James DeWitt: born at Halifax on November 9, 1891, son of Bessie Ferguson, Wine Harbour.

Ferguson, William Henry: born at Wine Harbour on August 15, 1871, son of James and Mooreg Ferguson, Halifax, NS.

Fogarty, Howard Lewis: born at Canso on September 20, 1895, son of Edward and Johanna (Richards) Fogarty.

Fogarty, Martin Joseph: born at Fox Island on November 1900, son of Joseph and Catherine (Daley) Fogarty.

Fougere, Peter (Pierre): born at Larry's River on April 31, 1897, son of Simon (Simion) and Sophie (Linden) Fougere.

Fraser, Charles Hugh: born at Guysborough on October 19, 1890, son of Daniel Joseph and Clara Ann 'Ann'e' (MacPherson) Fraser, Taber, Alberta.

Fraser, Donald Drummond: born at Sherbrooke on Novmber 14, 1895, son of Alfred W. and Christina A. 'Tina' (Murray) Fraser.

Fraser, James John Ignatius: born at Mulgrave on October 12, 1896, son of Joseph Daniel and Elizabeth (O'Neil) Fraser.

Fraser, James Gibson Laurier: born at New Glasgow on September 14, 1894, son of Guysborough MP Duncan Cameron and Elizabeth 'Bessie' (Graham) Fraser.

Fraser, Margaret Marjorie 'Pearl': born at New Glasgow on March 20, 1885, daughter of Guysborough MP Duncan Cameron and Elizabeth 'Bessie' (Graham) Fraser.

George, Joseph Henry: born at Port Felix on September, 4, 1892, son of William and Margaret (Pellerin) George.

Giffin, Perry Judson: born at Goldboro on June 21, 1983, son of Obed Chute and Theodoria Ernst (Bezanson) Giffin, Halifax, NS.

Giffin, Randolph Murray: born at Isaac's Harbour on June 27, 1897, son of John MacMillan and Emma M. (MacMillan) Giffin.

Grencon (Greencorn), Roy Quentin: born at Canso on May 7, 1897, son of David Frederick and Mary Jane (Armsworthy) Greencorn.

Gunn, John: born at Fisherman's Point on September 7, 1891, son of William Gunn.

Hadley, William Croft: born at Guysborough on March 14, 1897, son of James E. and Martha J. (McKenzie) Hadley.

Hall, William George: born at Leighton, England on January 24, 1897, son of Mrs. Eliza Hudson (Hall) Giffin, step-son of Arthur C. Giffin, Goldboro.

Hallett, Vincent Stephen: born at Country Harbour on December 20, 1898, son of Freeman and Sarah Elizabeth (Davidson) Hallett.

Hape, William Kenneth: born at Ecum Secum on October 28, 1886, son of John Henry and Sarah Adeline (Pye) Hape, Wallace Grant, Cumberland County.

Hart, Lee Martin: born at Canso on March 7, 1890, son of Major George W. and Ella Blanche (Smith) Hart.

Hayne, James Arthur: born at Country Harbour on August 31, 1891, son of William and Viola (McNeil) Hayne.

Hendsbee, Russell C.: born at Half Island Cove on October 26, 1895, son of Thomas F. and Mary Sophia Hendsbee.

Hodgson, Lester Dean: born at Goldboro on August 18, 1896, son of Hiram and Elizabeth A. (Reynolds) Hodgson, South Hamilton, Massachusetts.

Horton, Arthur Stanford: born at Canso on November 17, 1893, son of Charles and Henrietta Elizabeth 'Hattie' (Worth) Horton.

Horton, Vernon Cecil: born at Roachvale on November 16, 1893, son of Moses Cook and Caroline "Carrie" Oressa (Nickerson) Horton.

Hull, Courtney Alban: born at New Glasgow on October 6, 1897, son of Joseph Henry and Alice Rebecca (Moser) Hull, Country Harbour.

Jordain, William Andrew: born at New Town on June 6, 1891, son of Peter and Carolyn Gordon 'Carrie' (Archibald) Jordain.

Keating, James Baker: born at Gloucester, Mass. on November 22, 1888, son of James and Mary Ellen (Flood) Keating, Canso.

Kelly, Lewis Walker: born at Caledonia on May 20, 1896, son of George Walker and Laura (Fulton) Kelly.

Kennedy, Ferman: born at Dominion, Cape Breton on May 12, 1902, son of Patrick Kennedy, Dominion, CB (Ferman was living in Canso at time of enlistment).

Kennedy, Harold: born at Guysborough on February 26, 1892, nephew of William Kennedy.

Kirk, Oscar Howe: born at Riversdale, Colchester Co, on October 19, 1892, son of Rev. Joseph Howard and Laura (Christie) Kirk, East River St. Mary's.

Knocton (Nocton), Charles Patrick: born at South Intervale on December 25, 1896, son of Patrick and Abigail (Bond) Knocton.

Langille, Charles Burton: born at Liscomb on November 15, 1892, son of David James Langille.

Layton, Harold Brown: born at Canso on July 16, 1897, son of Herbert and Rebecca (Mosher) Layton, Middleton, NS.

Levangie, Arthur Freeman: born at Port Felix on June 26, 1893, son of George and Sophia (Cashen) Levangie.

Lipsett, Ralph Stanley: born at Middle Manchester on March 16, 1892, son of Edward Stanley and Caroline E. 'Carrie' (O'Brien) Lipsett.

Long, William Edward: born at Rogerton on October 15, 1889, son of Patrick and Mary Jane 'Minnie' (Burns) Long.

Lumsden, Percy: born at Canso on April 24, 1890, son of James Robert and Annie Rebecca (McLellan) Lumsden.

Lynch (Linch), John William: born at Liscomb on December 13, 1894, son of William and Sarah (?) Lynch.

McCallum, Arthur: born at Ogden on April 20, 1889, son of James and Bridget (Fitzgerald) McCallium.

McDonald, Alexander: born at Upper Big Tracadie on March 9, 1896, son of Bridget McDonald.

McDonald, Angus: born at Havre Boucher, Antigonish Co. on October 28, 1888, son of Duncan D. and Elizabeth (McDonald) McDonald, Mulgrave.

MacDonald, John Daniel: born at Arisaig, Antigonish Co. on April 3, 1884, son of John and Flora MacDonald (John Daniel was living in Mulgrave at time of enlistment).

MacDonald, John Kenneth: born at Caledonia on July 23, 1893, son of James C. and Margaret 'Maggie' (McQuarry) MacDonald.

MacDonald, Thomas Howard: born at Mulgrave on December 15, 1877, son of Dr. Patrick Alexander and Annie B. (Condon) MacDonald.

McIsaac, Archie: born at Hazel Hill on May 30, 1890, next of kin Angus McIsaac, Inverness, Cape Breton.

McIsaac, Joseph Manson: born at Fox Island on August 2, 1899, son of Daniel and Jane (Watkins) McIsaac.

MacKenzie, Arthur: born at Canso on November 12, 1897, son of David and Maria (Uloth) MacKenzie.

MacLeod, Harry: born at Halifax on August 29, 1887, nephew of James and Alina (Sangster) O'Hara, New Harbour.

MacMillan, Horace Goddard: born at Isaac's Harbour on December 22, 1892, son of Stephen and Jane (Buckley) McMillan.

McQuarrie, Walter: born at Mount Uniacke, Hants Co. on December 29, 1889 (or 1899), son of Alexander and Frances (Glencross) McQuarrie (Walter worked in the mines at Goldenville prior to enlistment).

Mailman, Lockie: Born at Gegoggin on September 26, 1896, son of Jacob and Harriet Laura (Baker) Mailman.

Manson, Francis Stewart 'Frank': born at Sherbrooke on December 2, 1892, son of George and Lucy (Walters) Manson.

Manuel, Arthur James: born at Canso on February 4, 1893, son of William and Mary (McNeary) Manuel.

Marr, Charles: born at Queensport on April 16, 1897, son of John Marr.

Mills, Clayton R.: born at Glenelg on January 15, 1888, son of Robert Bruce and Annie Scott (McKeen) Mills.

Morgan, Joseph Charles: born at Guysborough on January 5, 1879, son of Joseph C. and Elizabeth Morgan.

Morris, Thomas Richard: born at Manchester on February 4, 1891, son of Richard S. and Sarah Ann (Ross) Morris.

Munroe, Allan Ellsworth: born at Whitehead on July 31, 1894, son of Andrew David and Annie (Ehler) Munroe.

Myers, Willard Spurgeon: born at Cole Harbour on June 27, 1892, son of Frederick Levi and Margaret Catherine (Gillie) Myers.

Nickerson, Wilfred Asa: born at Canso on December 8, 1897, son of Reuben and Sarah (Swain) Nickerson.

O'Brien, James Edward: born at Canso on March 27, 1896, son of John J. and Elizabeth (Landry) O'Brien.

O'Donoghue, Charles Kingston: born at Canso on August 11, 1897, son of Charles and Frances M. C. (Baird) O'Donoghue,

O'Haley (Haley), Simon: born at Port Felix on October 28, 1897, son of John Adam and Natalie (Richard) O'Haley.

O'Hara, Lester Conwell: born at New Harbour on February 7, 1894, son of James Alexander and Alina (Sangster) O'Hara.

Potter, Gordon Vincent: born at Fisherman's Harbour on October 13, 1897, son of Thomas and Martha (Bingley) Potter.

Pye, Laurier Falconer: born at Sherbrooke on October 26, 1896, son of Charles W. and Eugenia (Jollota) Pye.

Rabbie, John: born at Hazel Hill on September 18, 1901, son of George and Elizabeth (King) Rabbie.

Reynolds (Rhynold), John: born at Canso on January 6, 1889, son of Anthony and Margaret Louise (Haines) Reynolds.

Rhynold, John Scott: born at Canso on August 5, son of William D. and Mary M. (Hurst) Rhynold.

Richmond, James: born at Mulgrave on September 29, 1891, son of Samuel and Georgina (McKenzie) Richmond.

Scranton, John Samuel: born at Manchester on June 23, 1887, son of William and Jane Scranton.

Sinclair, James Murray: born at Goshen on April 10, 1898, son of William and Mary (Polson) Sinclair.

Smith, Albyn: born at St. Francis Harbour on July 13, 1894, adopted son of Jeffrey and Sharlotte Pelrine, Larry's River.

Smith, Martin: born at St. Francis Harbour on June 20, 1893, son of Mary Smith, Mulgrave.

Smith, Raymond Edward: born at Mulgrave on January 25, 1888, son of Thomas and Mary (McNeil) Smith.

Somers, Owen Delbert: born at Middle Melford on January 20, 1896, son of David A. and Harriet A. (Grant) Somers.

Spears, William Robinson (Robertson): born at Spanish Ship Bay on May 15, 1898, son of Nelson and Mary Ann 'Annie' (Howlett) Spears.

Stewart, Samuel R.: born at Two Mile Lake on July 22, 1877, son of Donald and Jennie Stewart.

Stoutley, Ralph Leslie: born at Guysborough on March 10, 1894, son of James Edward Albert (Ned) and Rachel A. Borden (Bacchus) Stoutley.

Sullivan, Thomas: born at Canso on August 22, 1885, son of David and Mary Sullivan.

Sutherland, Harry Lee: born at Country Harbour on February 20, 1897, son of Robert Henry and Elizabeth Jane 'Libby' (McKeen) Sutherland.

Suttis (Waterhouse), Thomas William 'Tommy': born at Leeds, England on July 20, 1884, adopted son of David and Emma Eunice (Atwater) Suttis, Indian Harbour.  Son of Isaac and Caroline (Townson) Waterhouse, Leeds, England.

Swaine, Arthur: born at Canso on May 10, 1891, son of Samuel Isaiah and Emily Myra 'Emma' (McLellan) Swaine.

Swaine, Benjamin Wallace: born at Canso on December 11, 1897, son of Samuel Isaiah and Emily Myra 'Emma' (McLellan) Swaine.

Swaine, John William: born at Canso on September 19, 1891, son of Rupert and Eunice J. 'Jane' or 'Jennie' (Talbot) Swaine.

Swaine, Roland Judson: born at Canso on February 6, 1893, son of Samuel Isaiah and Emily Myra 'Emma' (McLellan) Swaine.

Swain, Sydney Garfield: born at Grosvenor on June 11, 1897, son of Charles and Hattie Amelia (Fitt) Swain.

Sweet, Ralph B.: born at Goldenville on February 11, 1896, son of Burton Samuel and Alice Cox (Eaton) Sweet).

Tate, John William 'Jack': born at Melrose on August 29, 1880, son of Daniel and Catherine Anne 'Cassie' (Sullivan) Tate.

Taylor, James Arthur: born at Forks St. Mary's on June 24, 1884, son of John William and Mary Ann (Mason) Taylor.

Tory, Charles Howard: born at Guysborough on March 2, 1887, son of James William and Elizabeth Anne (Gillie) Tory.

Tyner, Clifford: born at Port Hilford on April 27, 1893, son of James E. and Emma Tyner, Vermillion, Alberta.

Uloth, William Thomas: born at Whitehead on December 18, 1894, son of John Samuel and Margaret Jane 'Maggie' (George) Uloth.

Wells, John Cleveland: born at Whitehead on April 29, 1887, son of John Shelley and Mary Ann (Munroe) Wells.

Williams, Courtney: born at Cole Harbour on April 2, 1897, son of Elisha and Georgina (Harrigan) Williams.

Worth, Joseph Ernest: born at Ogden on October 19, 1897, son of Edward King and Katherine Ann 'Kellie' (McCallum) Worth.

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