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Saturday, 9 April 2016

64th Battalion's Guysborough County Soldiers

The 64th Battalion (Maritime Provinces) arrived in England on April 9, 1916. Its nominal roll contains the name of eight soldiers whose next of kin resided in Guysborough County:

Dickson, John Rood:

Next of kin - Mrs. D. Dickson, Sonora, Guysborough County. Transferred to 25th Battalion (Nova Scotia). Died of bronchial pneumonia at No. 20 Casualty Clearing Station on February 26, 1919. Laid to rest in Charleroi Communal Cemetery, Haincourt, Belgium.

Feltmate, James:

Next of kin - Mrs. Agnes Feltmate Hazel Hill, Guysborough County.

Gunn, John Berrigan: 

Next of kin - William Gunn, Fisherman’s Harbour, Guysborough County. Transferred to the 25th Battalion (Nova Scotia). Killed in action near Courcelette on October 1, 1916.

Hall, William George:

 Next of kin - Mrs. A. C. Giffin, Goldsboro, Guysborough County. Transferred to 2nd Battalion (Central Ontario & Quebec). Killed in action near Bapaume, France on September 3, 1916.

Jost, Arthur Cranswick: Rank of Major, 64th’s Medical Officer.

Next of kin - Mrs. C. Victoria Jost, Guysborough, NS.

Lawson, Edwin Lester:

Next of kin - E. R. Lawson, Sherbrooke, Guysborough County.

Meagher, William N.:

Next of kin - Mrs. M. A. Meagre, Mulgrave, Guysborough County.

Redmond, Rudolph:

Next of kin - Hanna Jane Redmond, Liscomb, Guysborough County.

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