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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Guysborough County Enlistments - July 26, 1916

On July 26, 1916, two Guysborough County natives enlisted with No. 2 Construction Battalion at New Glasgow, NS:

1. Hartley Jackson was born at Manchester, Guysborough County on May 15, 1897, son of William and Sarah Elizabeth (Williams) Jackson. Hartley arrived in England with No. 2 Construction Battalion on April 7, 1917 and proceeded to France with the unit the following month.

Hartley initially worked with No. 2 Construction in the Canadian Forestry Corps' Jura district, close to the French border with Switzerland. On November 13, he was part of a No. 2 Construction detachment sent to the Bordeaux region of France and attached to No. 37 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps.

During his time at Bordeaux, Hartley suffered an injury to his neck and was hospitalized for five days in early May 1918. He subsequently returned to duty, departing for England with No. 2 Construction personnel in early December. The unit's soldiers returned to Canada aboard the Empress of Britain, arriving at Halifax, NS on January 27, 1919. Two weeks later, Hartley was discharged from milirary service and returned to Boylston, Guysborough County.

Hartley married Cora May Morris at Boylston in 1920. The couple later relocated to Priestville, Pictou County. No information on Hartley’s passing available at this time.

2. Angus Talbot was born at Mulgrave, Guysborough County on May 15, 1897, son of Edward and Elizabeth “Lizzie” (Bennett) Talbot. Angus’s three brothers—James Alexander, Wallace and William John—had enlisted with No. 2 Construction on the day prior to Angus’s attestation.

Following the war, Angus relocated to Sydney, where his mother was living. He married Rhoda Hanrahan in 1926 and worked as a miner and steelworker. Angus passed away at Sydney on December 6, 1955 and was laid to rest in Hardwood Hill Cemetery, Sydney.

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