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Friday, 12 August 2016

Guysborough Enlistments - August 12, 1916

Two Guysborough County natives enlisted for service with Canadian Expeditionary Force units on August 12, 1916.

1. Matthew McGrath “Mack” Manson, born at Sherbrooke on May 30, 1899, son of Francis G. and Agnes (McGrath) Manson, enlisted with the 193rd Battalion at Camp Aldershot, NS. He never disguised his age of seventeen at enlistment and therefore remained in England until after his nineteenth birthday. Mack later served in France with the 85th Battalion during the later stages of the war. A detailed summary of his family background, war experience and post-war life is available elsewhere on this blog.

Pte. Matthew McGrath "Mack" Manson.

2. Frederik Hilton Paget, born at Hazel Hill on September 2, 1898, son of Frederick William and Eliza Maude (White) Paget, attested for overseas service with the Canadian Expeditionary Force’s Canadian Engineers at Canso, NS. A civil engineer at the time of his enlistment, Hilton received the commissioned rank of Lieutenant. No further information is available on his war service.

Post-war, Hilton relocated to San Francisco, California, where his mother was residing. Hilton enlisted at the University of California, Berkeley, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in December 1920. He married twice (Gladys & Muriel) and had one son, Curtis Hilton.

Hilton worked with survey crews in California’s mountains. He passed away at Trinity, California on September 16, 1949 and was laid to rest in the Odd Fellows Lawn Cemetery & Mausoleum, Sacramento, California.

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